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About ArtFull

ArtFull formed in Summer 2012, based in Preston, Lancashire. A phoenix rising from the ashes of cultural cuts which have limited the accessibly of local community to quality art.  ArtFull is a collective of skilled artists and practitioners, Becky Atherton, Bernie Velvick, Teresa East and chair Jo Cook..  


ArtFull forges ahead - helping Community Groups access funding for art projects, working with schools, delivering innovative art projects, curating exhibitions, organising festivals with partners and designing accessible publications.


All of the ArtFull team are skilled fundraisers and facilitators and will work with groups and organisations to design and deliver inspired community lead projects.

Bernie loves working in participatory and community arts. She is passionate about art and creativity being accessible to everyone - often working with people who have less opportunity to express themselves. She encourages people to join in and 'have a go' and is often delighted when participants are surprised by the quality of their own work.


Trained as a Fine Art Printmaker, she also works in textiles and digital media. She is skilled in curating and presenting work to its best advantage.

Bernie Velvick

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Enables Schools and Communities to design creative projects that are lead by the community and facilitated by artists. She works hard to encourage groups to have a creative voice and to find the funding to act. She likes to encourage people to explore traditional and non traditional art forms to be open to ideas and explore different materials. She connects people with ideas, thoughts and projects and helps make things happen!!!!    

Becky Atherton

Teresa has worked within the theatre and arts sector for many years in a variety of roles including running her own youth theatre for seven years. She is skilled as a project manager and facilitator for theatre & arts organisations and was the Home Grown Producer for Contact Theatre. She is currently Arts Award Officer for Curious Minds. The main theme that links all of her work is offering people the opportunity to express themselves through creativity.


Trained as a Arts Award Adviser at all levels she can deliver Arts Award packages for young people.

Teresa East

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