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Creative Vox - the art of freedom

The art of freedom is to express your creativity beyond the constraints of ability or disability.


The exhibition ran from 7 September – 8 December 2013 at the Museum of Lancashire, Stanley Street, Preston.


Disabled artists from the UK and around the world have inspired four local groups to explore their creativity, try new techniques and express their personal voices.  Creative Vox – the art of freedom developed from the 2012 Preston Guild Celebrations and D.verCity Festival that showcased art and expression from disabled artists in the UK and worldwide. Groups from Disability Equality NW, Integrate and individuals from around Lancashire worked with artists from ArtFull to create a vibrant and stunning exhibition for the Community Gallery at the Museum of Lancashire. The project encouraged all the participants, supporters and PAs to take part, experiment and explore their creative voices. Some of the artworks are negotiated between participants and their supporters. All the finished artworks tell us something about the person who made them.


Creative Vox exhibition is the beginning of a creative community. The website is an online platform developed by Salvere Social Enterprise to enable lasting expressions, collaborations, conversations and community.


Gill Kilshaw  says about her artwork ‘Rebirth’

‘The Phoenix is an important symbol for me, for a number of reasons, and in this piece I have depicted the contradictory nature of change; which can be painful, but can also lead to new experiences and bright horizons’.

Margaret O'Neill explains her work ‘Creatures’

‘My work evokes how even the smallest creatures are essential, in the interconnected patchwork of our environment, working with surface and pattern to create a subtle but complex collage’.


Creative Vox is hosted by Salvere and has been made possible through funding and in kind contributions from our partners: Arts Council England, Preston City Council,  ArtFull, DENW, Integrate, Museum of Lancashire, Dada Fest, Peoples Guild, Harris Museum, Pukar and Deafway.





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